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Purchasing A Pre-Existing Home

When buying a pre-existing home it is very important to hire an independent inspector that is working solely for you. Have us thoroughly examine your prospective new house for defects or problems in the home's living spaces, attics, crawlspaces, garages, electrical service, plumbing and much more. We will deliver to you a written report with pictures and explanations of the problems that were found. This report can provide valuable evidence for negotiations with the seller.

Purchasing A New Home

Even when buying a newly constructed house hiring an independent inspector is very important. Having KO Home Inspections knowledgeable inspector examine the house before you close can save you money. We can find the defects or repair issues lurking beneath that pristine new appearance that the builder should pay for - not you! From framing inspections to final walk through you can trust us to be meticulous and take the time to do the job right.

Pre-Sale Inspections for Home Sellers

When selling your house, have KO Home Inspections find any needed repairs or defects. We will help you get the most from your sale by finding these problems so they can be fixed before they scare away potential buyers. Our reports are easy to understand and come with pictures and detailed comments explaining each issue discovered in your home.

Maintenance Inspections For Home Owners

If you own a home a KO Home Inspection can help save you money by finding those small problems before they become large expensive repairs. Don't let a small roof leak become a major roof repair. Having a yearly inspection as part of your home's maintenance schedule is the best way to keep your home in top condition.

Radon and Termite Inspections

We offer electronic Radon testing by certified radon professionals. See our Radon page for more information on radon and radon testing.

We also offer to coordinate a termite and pest inspection with your general home inspection for your convenience and peace of mind. Visit our page on termites for more information.

11 Month Inspection or New Home Warranty Inspections

Most home builders offer a one-year warranty on new homes. To get the most from your warranty, have KO Home Inspections evaluate your home to locate any defects or issues that may have gone unnoticed. Get one of our thorough inspections before your warranty period expires so the builder is responsible for the cost of repairs to warrantied components. After the inspection, an easily understood report detailing each defect is provided to you for negotiations with your builder.


After the home inspection you are sent a detailed report describing the different systems, components and defects discovered. Click above to view a sample of our reports.

Click above to see a comprehensive price list of the services that we provide.

The state of North Carolina requires a contract to be signed before any home inspection can take place. Click above to download KO Home Inspections contract.

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