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A slide show of what is covered in General Home Inspection:

Structural Components

The home inspector shall inspect structural components including:

  1. Foundation;

  2. Floors;

  3. Walls;

  4. Columns or piers;

  5. Ceilings;

  6. Roofs.

The home inspector shall describe the type of:

  1. Foundation;

  2. Floor structure;

  3. Wall structure;

  4. Columns or piers;

  5. Ceiling structure;

  6. Roof structure.

The home inspector shall:

  1. Probe structural components where deterioration is suspected;

  2. Enter under floor crawl spaces, basements, and attic spaces except when access is obstructed, when entry could damage the property, or when dangerous or adverse situations are suspected;

  3. Report the methods used to inspect under floor crawl spaces and attics;

  4. Report signs of abnormal or harmful water penetration into the building or signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building components.

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